“I have returned to work today from the Nations in Bloom finals in Washington DC to find Bury in a state of celebration, and the Members of the Council delighted by our second international title. Our two successive wins are in no small part due to your work...You produced a top class video for us, and this enabled us to start our presentation in America with great style and confidence...I am extremely grateful to you for taking on this year’s contract, particularly in view of budget cutbacks...Thank you for your excellent work and endless good humour.”  

Steve Palfreyman - Director of Leisure Services - St Edmundsbury Borough Council.

"Jeremy has worked with our company Walker George Films as an editor on several documentary projects. I have nothing but praise for his skills, professionalism and competence. He is a delight to work with. He works hard, is always full of suggestions and creative ideas, and is able to work comfortably both on his own and closely with directors. He understands the technical aspects of the hardware/software editing systems very well, and is never fazed by problems which can and do occur. His considerable intelligence, in conjunction with a resonant creativity, means that he always has something good, and often genuinely outstanding, to contribute to the editing process, all of which makes working with him fun, exciting and incredibly productive. I would happily recommend him as a terrific, committed and also passionate editor who will always deliver beyond expectations."

Stephen Walker.

"Well this is a fantastic pre-titles [for Phil Spencer's Stately Homes 2]. I love it! It’s absolutely beautiful. Bang on. We are putting it on the features show reel immediately."

Clemency Green - More4

" (Lucy Lavers - Return to Dunkirk) is a real, real beauty. Beautiful and moving and impeccably made. Many congratulations." 

Sam Llewelyn - Editor of The Marine Quarterly magazine

"Jeremy was a thoughtful and intelligent editor to work with on Inside Windsor Castle. He really understood the needs of the programme and did not stint with his time and effort in making the the episode the best possible. He has a good knowledge of structure and can edit archive, actuality and drama with equal expertise and humour. His years of experience give him a calm and professional manner, which means he can take on whatever challenges the edit may present."

Ann Hawker - Producer


"Working with Jeremy was a total pleasure. His speed, skill and storytelling ability in the edit (as well as his collaborate approach, unflappable manner and grace under fire) were hugely appreciated, as was his team spirit. I very much hope to work with him again."

Francesca Maudslay - Series Producer.


"Your film is going down a treat which I am so glad about - we all watched it - all four of my children, my sister and her daughter and husband and Simon for the second time, full of praise for it, as is Gary Breeze (harsh critic).  So that is all excellent."

Harriet Fraser MBE - Memorial Arts Charity

"I’m sooooo happy about this.  Thank you.  It is just right – gets the balance between there is something for everyone, local enthusiasm, excitement about new project, and I think beefing up the child-focussed element is perfect for launching the interest in the theatre...Thank you so much - I am delighted."

Suzannah Endfield-Olivier - Wells Maltings Trust


"The film is really wonderful Jeremy, a triumph, huge congratulations I am really thrilled with it. It is growing and growing on me as I become less panic struck about appearing in it!

I was very struck by the silence at the end of both showings as people took it in and recovered.

Peoples main reaction seemed to be “it was (very) emotional” which is perfect – you hit exactly the right spot and balance – which people also said.

And those that were involved in the whole project were very touched by it – it brought us all together again in a lovely way. Tim L-S said to me, with a hug, “wasn’t it a wonderful project to be involved in – thank you for persuading me”

It does feel like the most wonderful culmination of many things, thank you

We must find a way of spreading it far and wide…."

Wendy Pritchard - Rescue Wooden Boats

A professional service