Documenting the working life of the North Norfolk coast.

In conjunction with Wendy Pritchard of Rescue Wooden Boats I have put together over 100 short film clips - of between 1'00' and 25'00" in length - covering the skills, techniques and culture of the North Norfolk fishing industry. The industry is in decline together with the craft skills needed to build and maintain wooden boats. The Charity's aim is to provide a resource for use by local schools to keep alive an awareness of the region's sea-faring heritage amongst today's children. 


I use 2 x JVC HD cameras and have professional lighting and sound recording facilities - including 2 radio mikes. I usually work alone but for bigger projects can call upon a range of experienced professional colleagues,


For projects like this one, I charge £300 per day including kit and add mileage at 45p per mile for round trips over 60 miles. Editing the material, encoding & uploading is charged at £250 per 10 hour day and pro rata.



Just got back from London and watched the film. It's a real, real beauty. Beautiful and moving and impeccably made. Many congratulations.

Sam Llewelyn - Editor, The Marine Quarterly

Many thanks for producing such a superb film and for making me appear as if I knew what I was talking about :-)

It really makes me feel proud of what my forebears achieved, as long as there was food on the table and the customers were happy with their work that's all the satisfaction they required.

I like the way you have added the photo's highlighting the various members of the family when spoken about.  


Jonathan Emery

Tina and I were so moved by Lucy Lavers Dunkirk film. It was perfect in every way. 

Beautifully filmed (the distant sea horizon shot with boats in heat haze chugging right to left....fab), exactly the right amount of personal sentiment, and information, a superb balance which included so many - if not ALL essential elements. Such as hints of period WWII footage - never too much. Never once aware of the camera. Incredibly moving and honest interviews.

I was in tears at times (as were my neighbours in the back row - though we all pretended to be thick skinned) And moments of great humour ("Balaclava Day!")

To have been the e'en of Remembrance Sunday made the whole event the more poignant.  And am so aware of how much work went into the whole production - not least the edit! 

So so much more than the sum of its parts. A triumph to be immensely proud of.

Eddie Anderson


2 Short films

John Jonas - hauling pots off Cromer in the Mary Ann. 11'30" on Vimeo

Part of the Rescue Wooden Boats oral history & boat-building skills archive. Steve Hall, North Sea Sails, progresses with Lucy Lavers' new sails; part 3

Lucy Lavers - Return to Dunkirk 75 years on.

I was commissioned to make this 60' film by the Charity. It follows the journey made in 2015 by local volunteer crews back to Dunkirk in the restored lifeboat Lucy Lavers - whose first "shout" was to attend to the evacuation from the beaches of Northern France of over 300,00 troops in Spring 1940.

watch a short extract of the film here  (4'30")